Welcome to JKS Christchurch. Osu!


JKS Shotokan Karate, a globally recognised leading Shotokan Karate Organisation

JKS New Zealand Shotokan Karate, and affiliated dojo’s, practice Shotokan Karate-Do with the guidance of Japan Shoto-Federation (JKS) worldwide NPO organization, under the leadership of Kagawa Sensei

Our goal is to teach a traditional style of Karate based on principles of respect (rei) and hard work with adding a flavor of Sports Karate.

Karate is great for children, adults and families, where respect, effort, commitment, self control becomes part of your everyday character.

When and Where

Wairakei School Dojo, 250 Wairakei Road, Bryndwr, Christchurch, 8053

Monday and Thursday

    • 6:20pm – 7:30pm Beginners / Intermediate Class – White to Green belts ONLY
    • 7:20pm – 8:30pm Advanced / Senior Class – Blue to Brown / Black belts

The first Thursday of each month, we will have an ‘All-In dojo’ general class : 6:30pm – 8.00pm.


The JKS Shotokan Dojo adheres and strives to attain the principles of Dojo Kun (precepts) by teaching and developing honesty, integrity, sincerity and mutual respect among the members. 

Below is a common western interpretation

1. Seek perfection of character
2. Be sincere
3. Maximum effort
4. Respect others
5. Refrain from violent behaviour

However true Japanese and translation can be seen and should be understood.

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